Image Rating App

Easily Collect & Manage Feedback From Clients

Our Image Rating App Collects comments, star ratings, likes & dislikes on your images.
Perfect for Designers, Photographers & Agencies wanting a better way to work with clients.

Image Rating App - Create a project icon
Create a project

The concept is simple. After creating an account on Image Rater App you can create a project. Give it a title and description then choose whether you want it to be public or private. Public projects can be seen by the whole internet while private projects can only be seen by you and your clients.

Photo Rating App - Upload Photos Icon
Upload Photos

Upload all the photos and designs you want to get feeback on. You can give each image a title and description aswell to give it a little context or explain your idea.

Image Feedback App  - Share With Clients Icon
Share a Link

Then you can share a link with your client to get feeback on your images. No need for them to signin or create an account if they don't want to. Just need to click the link. Skip registraction then comment, like or dislike images. Great to share work among teams.